Don’t Believe in God; Why?

Don’t believe in your friends, don’t even believe in your parents, and NEVER believe in God!

Have faith in them, instead. Faith is HIGHER than belief.

Any idiot with good verbal skills can destroy your belief in a split second; but not your faith.

Belief requires physical evidence of things – and whilst that’s good (to an extent) we have to realize, that knowledge of anything (be it a trust of a person, or within science) is always infinite. So believing this is so, or that is so, will only get you so far (because you can never grasp infinity, at least not this way); faith is the next step up.

Scientific example:

A statement of belief (some people think its actually a fact!): “Water freezes at Zero Degrees Celsius”

Few words that destroy this belief: “If you do not add “time” into the equation, the statement is false, as water also needs some time IN zero degrees Celsius to actually freeze”

Relationship example:

Belief: “Boyfriend see’s his new girl friend hug another man, and tells him she loves him and gives him a gift – boyfriend concludes that she is dishonest with him”

Words that destroy this belief:  It was her brother’s birthday, and she was simply saying how much she loved her brother and giving him a birthday present.

Belief can destroy your relationships exactly in this way; hence, rather than believing in your loved ones, have faith in them instead. Rather than believing in your parents (as they sometimes don’t make sense, have faith in them instead), and rather than believing in God (who may not answer your prayers, for a very good reason which your not aware of) have faith in him instead.

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