Finding Your Destiny?

Finding your destiny has been so hyped up, that everyone gets consumed into thinking its something OTHER than their current life situation – funny thing about destiny is, it comes to find you, but its up to you, to take the steps to be your very best.

So the answer to finding your destiny?

If your a daughter, be the best daughter you can be, even if it means bending your back for your parents from time to time – if your a wife, be the best wife you can be – if your in a position of responsibility, be the most responsible you can be – this means squirting out 100% of your focus and body power towards it – what will emerge after doing this, will reveal the next steps you need to take in your life.

This applies towards the people you aren’t too fond off as well as close family and friends – they are there in your life for a reason, and its now your responsibility to deal with it in the BEST way possible.

Warning note: Don’t compare your own life to another’s, even if you seem similar, you are NOT! ¬†Two people on a journey cannot be on the same exact location on a mountain – so comparing is not even a logical thing to do anyway!

I emphasize on the above because I myself, was caught up on comparing people of my age group with myself, and where they are in life – it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

Go ahead, be the best you can be…


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