Foundation for a better life

As you go through life, your goals change accordingly; some of these goals become obsolete as life changes, some goals become so challenging you just give up, and some goals stay with you, your whole life.

Whatever your goals currently may be, there are a ton of how-to books for each kind of goal – how to be rich, how to lose weight, how to be healthy, and even how to lead a successful relationship – this not only spreads your energy in all directions, once you have read the books, you usually have little energy to actually carry out your goals!

Instead of reading dozens of how-to books on reaching your various goals, the ancients studied the underlying principals of the universe; all they needed was one set of simple guiding principals like a formula; which would work regardless of the variables you put in. As you can imagine the immense power this knowledge would give to the knower of these methods, these secrets were only given to people with the highest morals and integrity – and were very closely guarded.

Every ancient mystical tradition carries the same metaphysical secrets of life and success. Learn the root success secrets they have been guarding for thousands of years;  and apply some of the most basic meditation techniques today and you will see immediate changes as soon as you open your eye.

What are those closely guarded secrets to the foundations of Life?

Its called the 7 congregations in Christianity; or the 7 Heavens in Islam; the Jewish Kabbalah calls this secret set of principals the tree of life. The Yogi Baba Gurus of India call this secret the Chakras. Templer knights and the Free Masons call it the holy grail – Taoists and Buddhist masters call it the Tao or Dao.

The seven heavens, or the seven Chakras, start from the lowest chakra (red colour in the picture) and upwards – in reality, there are infinite chakra’s – hence, comparing your level of development with another is pointless; its like saying point A is closer to infinity than point B – the very reason why masters talk about practicing non-Judgement.

Root Chakra - The first Chakra is the Root chakra and it is responsible of releasing all the waste in your life; this applies to physical waste as well as mental waste. If you still resent and hate someone for something they did to you many years ago, your root chakra needs strengthening – did you really think you can move on in life without letting go of the painful memories of the past?

No I don’t mean you need to forget your memories - but when you remember them, it will feel like reading story from a book, rather than feeling emotions of suffering.

The Second Chakra (or the Sex Chakra) is responsible for reproduction; reproducing wealth, health, a child or anything else you need in your life. The logic goes, if you want to have sex but need to go to the bath room (root chakra), you will not be able to have sex, unless you go to the bathroom first. Makes sense right?

The Third Chakra has the energy to store everything that you reproduce in the second chakra – health, wealth, self esteem or anything else.  If you want to be able to hold onto your wealth, you need to keep reproducing this in the second chakra, by working or starting a business of some kind – for example.

The Fourth Chakra has the energy of emotions – if you want to be in a relationship (for example), you need to have a strong first, second and third chakra, after all, how can you find someone to love, if you have low self esteem and cannot support yourself (both belong to lower Chakras)?

Now you know how important finance is, in a relationship! If you are not able to reproduce and keep self esteem (third chakra), how can you possible stay in a relationship without it falling apart? It will be like a top heavy building, that can fall down in the slightest weather change.

The Fifth Chakra (or the Throat Chakra) has the energy for communication and knowledge – have you ever been in a room full of people, and you feel like they never seem to hear you on what you have to say? or feel ignored? This is a sign of your throat chakra needing strengthening - this means, all the chakra’s below it, need strengthening before working on the throat chakra – you do not want to strengthen a higher chakra before making sure the lower ones are strengthened -  it will be like a building with a weak foundation, and can result in a nervous breakdown!

The Fifth chakra comes into light when you have everything in your life that you want – and you start to seek knowledge; this is why financially independent people usually start picking up dance classes and start learning new languages and exploring the world by traveling.

The Sixth chakra (the third eye) is to do with knowing; when your 5th chakra overflows with energy, it energizes the 6th chakra – you will start to see all life as one; you would be able to observe patterns and be able to solve really complex problemsx.

When the sixth chakra overflows with energy, the 7th Chakra starts getting energized, the chakra for divinity – 7 is the total number of steps you need, to reach divinity. I will update more on the sixth and seventh Chakra as I learn more about them from my own spiritual development; I do not want to add already known theory to this, unless I have personal experience of it.

This system can also be used for healing by simply observing the chakra that relates to the organ, and strengthening the chakra’s below it.

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