Life is so weird…

Ive just been thinking about how life is – we are born, and from the moment we are born, it feels like we cry because we have already lost everything.

I know it sounds like a silly depressing thought, but Ive been trying to connect with my parents more, but it seems they just don’t care anymore, and after this hit me, I realized all of life is pretty much like that – from the girlfriends or boyfriends we have, just heartbreak after heartbreak, no wonder planet earth needs daoist medicine to actually heal.

Anyway, its a beautiful thing that we come into the world, even if we have to experience heartbreak – life itself is to go past the heartbreaks in life, even if 100% of your life is a total heartbreak, and you move on, you have already strengthened a very vital part of your energy and your ways.

It’s funny how life works – even this blog I setup years ago during the “make money blogging’ era, I had so much in my mind for it – but it ended up being a dusty blog where I talk to myself about, with a handful of wonderers who are probably looking for a review or something Taoist.

I remember, I started this blog to blog – but then to make money – and then I thought might as well help people and make money – but realized blogging (at least the way I do) won’t make me money, so might as well just keep it to help people – but after that, I realized, who am I to even help people, I have so many of my own problems, how can I help anyone just like that – so I decided to just talk about whatever I think of, and if someone relates to it and finds it helpful, that’s great, if not, its okay too.



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