Looking for Inspiration is Not Always Easy

When you are living day to day life, it is often interesting to see yourself get stuck even at the thing you love most – be it playing football, playing some online game or just doing work on your computer – humans easily get over things they love, we are not designed to stay at one thing, but to overcome the desires we have and keep going to what seems infinite – I have yet to find out the bottom level, but it seems infinite to me anyway.

I just went out today, trying to get inspiration so I can keep writing more articles for my website marketing, but it seems like I cannot push myself to really work or enjoy my work – when results are far and thin, it is very hard to become motivated, funnily enough, that is when you need the most kind of effort to get out of!

I don’t really know why I am starting to write here – I doubt anyone will be reading this anyway, as who ever searched for this kind of crap anyway.



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