Manifesting Process (Powerful)

If you can imagine it, it’s already begun to manifest” – Tao of Manifesting

When you are intending, don’t imagine yourself going towards your intentions, think of already being there, the point where your intentions already EXIST.

When you can SEE your intentions…

When you can HEAR your intentions…

When you can SMELL your intentions…

When you can FEEL your intentions…

And when you can TASTE your intentions…

That is when your intentions will manifest…

PS: Beware of Negative Mantra’s that could be stopping you

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4 Responses to “Manifesting Process (Powerful)”

  1. Mario D'Elena Says:

    Imagine The Tough As Well! Great Post :)

  2. Mario D'Elena Says:

    The “Touch” Sorry xD

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks for commenting Mario =)

    I think the “feeling” part would cover touching =P

    but then again, feeling can be emotions so I know what you mean

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