The Soap from Heaven? or Hell?

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Having been studying natural medicine (eastern medicine) for a while, i don’t claim to know much still, but I stumbled on this article on humancure about 10 ways to naturally regrowing your hair:¬†

This article lead to me to another website which recommended the Taoist soap, which was this:

I was amazed at the way it explained about the behaviour of other soap’s in the market that use glycerin and fat based, which can cause stagnation in the skin and actually makes your skin, and your hair worse off – this made me purchase the Taoist soap in question, just to try it out. Normally, I do not really go out on a impulse buy, but this really got my attention, so I had to try it out, as I have never seen this kind of logic applied anywhere else online.

I got the soap in a few days after purchase, and was excited to use it – but had an appointment somewhere urgently (as soon as the postman delivered it!) so had to wait till I got back – once I did manage to get back home, I rushed to the bathroom to finally try this soap that everyone is talking about, and wondering if this is just going to be another bullshit soap that has so many claims, or will it actually do what it says?

I washed my face, and applied the soap, which smelled very whole and full, not perfumed at all – as soon as I applied it, I felt interesting – hard to describe, but it was a different feeling than to normal handmade soaps I have used previously. I allowed 3 minutes on my whole face and it felt really soothing to apply and allow it to take its effects on my skin.

After washing it off my skin felt squeaky clean, and It felt good – but I wasn’t concluded on approving the soap just yet; after all, it’s just the first day of use, how much effect can I get on day 1.

Come next morning, I wake up, and to my surprise, the three painful pimples I had, completely had disappeared! There was no sign of them even a dead pimple mark was not present! I was flabbergasted at this, and thought, maybe it was a coincidence, but continued using the soap.

Its now 3 months I have used the Taoist soap, and am very impressed with the soap’s effect on my skin, that I have started using it as a shampoo on my hair, at least 3 times a week – this has made my hair growth increase speed (I have to go for a haircut every 2 weeks rather than every 4 weeks!!) so I don’t use it all the time, as it is rather annoying to spend so much money on the barbers only to come back after two weeks. So this soap works on cleaning the scalp and helping hair grow – I am surprised this is not on the news and on every home’s bathroom.

I thought I will upload a post about it, so at least my readers can enjoy what I am enjoying everyday!

UPDATE: After using it for even longer now (can’t remember now the duration) – My hair is pretty much transformed. Plus I got a shorter haircut which I won’t dare do if my hair was thinning like it was last year. Highly recommend the Taoist soap to anyone suffering from something similar to me, or just as an everyday soap. As a guy I can use it everyday, but for women I would imagine only to apply it on the scalp, and not the hair part, as it works on the scalp, but not hair itself (obviously).

UPDATE: I still use the Taoist soap – but found that it leaves residue if i apply too much or leave it in too long. I emailed the taoist soap support team and they told me that its because i am applying too much; i tried applying for 5-10 seconds as they suggested (they said it won’t reduce effectiveness) and it seemed to do the trick – so anyone out there who thinks the soap is not good for you, then try applying lesser amounts and lesser duration and only on the scalp. I don’t need to use the soap as much anymore, but I always keep an extra stock in my shelf as the company runs out of stock very fast.

UPDATE Jan 2016: I found out some company tried copying the Taoist soap, so make sure you only buy from OR – no other sites sell the Taoist soap.

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